Friday, May 27, 2011

What did you finish this week?

Well my “Finish it up Friday” project almost didn’t make it to this post because I didn’t like the end result.  But then I thought hey, it’s a lesson in color choice…maybe…yah, that’s it!  So here is my “finish” for this week.



I’m sure you can tell right away what I mean by color choice.  I should have used a fabric with more contrast where you see the lavender…oh well, we all goof from time to time.  However, I loved this pattern called Long Lines from Maple Island Quilts.  It was very simple to put together so I think today I’ll pick out some more fabric and try…try…again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finish it up Friday....continues

So far so good...this makes three weeks that I've actually finished something (sort of)...what a great feeling!  This week my project changed...many, many times.
First I started with this one, nice and small.

But then I thought about this one, scrappy and larger.
Then on Thursday I decided to "really" finish this one since I needed to brighten up the day week from all this rain.

So onto grace it went and before long it was done!!

So now the binding is on and only needs to be hand sewn...which I'll get done this weekend...hopefully!
Pattern is "No Trick Card Trick" by Jean Boyd.
So what did you finish up this week??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Grinch is here!!

It's here!!  How the Grinch Stole Christmas has arrived and it' so cute!  Perfect for quilts, pillowcases, boxer shorts and there are even 3 pieces in flannel...pj bottoms perhaps.  Wrap it up with a copy of the book...ideal gift!

I've already got a project in mind........:)  how about you!

Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s Friday….

and I’ve “finished up” another project!!!  This one I started on our Getaway Weekend in February and there it sat in it’s cute little bag.


Then last week (late) I decided to free it from its paper home and see exactly how far I had gotten on it.  Well not so bad…I had pieces and parts and strips (oh my!).  So with today in mind (gotta love deadlines) I attacked it with a vengeance determined to show you all that I can finish things up…if I put my mind and machine to it!


Yesterday I was moving along quite well, but there were two strips that just didn’t work (too light).  Now this quilt is done in batiks and I LOVE BATIKS so off to my stash I went to pull out two fabrics that I could substitute.  You would think that wouldn’t be a problem since I LOVE BATIKS…wrong!  Apparently I love them so much I actually use most of them up or simply have the wrong color for this quilt.  Well, after much auditioning I found two that would do.


So here it is…my “Finish it up Friday” project, Strip Tease by G.E. Designs!  Now my question to you is…should I add a border to it?  I’m going to leave it up to all of you to decide…majority rules!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I’ll show you mine…

So I’ve decided that Friday will now be known as “Finish it up Friday”.  Anyone that knows me knows I will procrastinate about everything!!  So I need deadlines for everything!!  With this in mind I thought I’d make my deadline Friday of each week where I must show you mine…something I’ve finished.  Now don’t get all crazy on me, they may only be the tops that are done but hey it’s something…right?!  And if you’re so inclined you could show me yours.


So this is what I started with and I thought they were quite lovely.


Following the pattern I cut them into BIG squares and put them up on my “design” wall (aka flannel backed vinyl tablecloth)… well, not all that exciting is it.


OK now cut those squares into more squares and sew them into four patches…yup, still not excited.


Then take your handy dandy template and cut these four patches according to directions…well maybe it’s growing on me.


Being very careful not to screw mess up your design, sew the four patches together in diagonal rows…I see possibilities ahead.


Until it looks like this…perhaps when the border is on I’ll really like it.


Again following the directions baste and square the edges…it sure has changed in size.


Add borders according to pattern…NOW THIS I LOVE!!   Japanese Jigsaw pattern by Brookshier Designs…very nice indeed.


So if you follow us on Facebook you can scoot on over there and show me yours!

Hmmmm what will I finish for next week??