Friday, September 9, 2011

Bright it is!

I couldn't decide if I'd finish the BRIGHT or WILD project for this Friday...the weeks weather told me to go BRIGHT...and look as I'm writing this I think I see the sun!!  So here it is

Firecracker by Jaybird Quilts

This was fun to do and a little quirky.  It uses the Lazy Angle ruler which makes it go together quite nicely...thanks Janet T. for introducing me to this designer.  We have so many bright tone on tones and the pattern only calls for fat eighths so of course I had to cut a few bundles just in case someone else just HAS to do one too.

Well my Friday friends I have to make this my final "Finish it up Friday" until after Shop Hop.  There are so many quilts running around in my head that I must have ready for our weekend...and of course I want them to be a surprise...that I really should concentrate.  I'm sure though that I'll give you a sneak peek at these projects in progress!!  So check back during the week from time to time.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is either very late or some what early…or both!

Let me begin by saying I really did finish something last week but not by Friday…Saturday, I even have a witness!  Right Maureen?  Tap, tap, Maureen?  Back me up here!  Anyway, if you’re familiar with “Little Golden Books” such as “Saggy Baggy Elephant” or “Pokey Little Puppy” this is from the “Tawny Scrawny Lion”.  The fabric looks just like the books illustrations.  Now the panel came with instructions to make it into a soft book, but alas I was feeling challenged and couldn’t make sense of it.  So I went onto Quilting Treasures website and searched through their free patterns and found this easy pattern using the fabrics!  I made just one slight change in the instructions.  They call for 3 1/2 yards for the outer border…what?!  Well, if you cut it 1/2” narrower and put the green of the strip next to the quilt center (instead of the blue) then 1 2/3 yards works just fine.  So here is was last weeks “Finish up Friday”…


tawny scrawny lion  close up


Now onto this week (tomorrow).  If you’ve been to the shop lately then you’ve seen this runner on display in different fabrics.  It’s similar to a runner seen online called The Ten Minute Runner, but I like this version better…just my opinion!  And, I bet you already have the pattern…if you have the Spring/Summer 2011 Quilt Sampler that is.  Turn to the last page…opposite the back cover…simple, simple, simple!  Don’t have the magazine?  Not to worry -  we have plenty!!

Hey, Gail what do you think?

So, let’s do the math…last week was late finishing by one day and posting by six days.  This week was finished early by four days and posting by one day…I’m guessing that I’m really only two days late!! 


I’ll try to be on time next week…