Friday, January 24, 2014

Two for one...

As promised I said I would let you in on a few of my loves this year. So to begin I thought I'd share a two'fer. The first is a new budding love...tea!  Let me clarify this, I'm a coffe drinker.  It got me through college...along with peanut butter and Kraft Mac & Cheese!!  Love my first cup in the morning. Love even some of the flavored coffees, but something unexpected happened last year. Typically I could drink a cup of coffee and go to sleep without any problem...until last year!  What's up with that?  Oh yeah, I'm over 50 and sh&@ happens. So I thought I'd give caffeine free tea a try because decaf coffee is an oxymoron in my book.  Well, I've learned that I don't love "regular" tea.  Don't get me wrong, it's okay but no love there. Then some others were recommended and I gave them a try.
I can now say I love the Bengal Spice tea and I'm enjoying this whole tea experience without the caffeine.  So if you're looking for something hot, but still want to get to sleep before 2:00am try some of these or let me know which teas you love!
Now for love #2......
I love finding a new pattern...having the fabrics just come together and then starting that new project!

This is just one example. I usually have many projects going at the same time...because I love to start new ones :). And yes I do finish them, but starting them is my favorite part. Anyone who knows me and quilting knows I really don't like to add borders. No particular reason, though I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day trying to figure out why. When they're done I'm happy, but not as happy as when I start the next one!!
So there you have it two of my loves for 2014.