Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lady Bugs, Red Barns and a Public Service Announcement


Lady Bugs or red barns…you be the judge!

I say lady bugs! 

Apparently I have something against putting eyes on faces!  I say they have their heads turned (being shy lady bugs) so you can’t see them…and I’m sticking to it!

Now on to the Public Service Announcement…there I was yesterday minding my own business sewing away when I used up my last filled bobbin.  Since I had already said (to myself) that once that one ran out I would take a moment to clean my machine.  So I took out my trusty screw driver and proceeded to take off the plate…ick…

Did some small animal nest in here?

Well I guess it’s been awhile (Marita will enjoy this)!


Now it’s all clean…until the next time!  So take a moment today and check under your plate!!



Until next time…be well!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Show Off Your Quilts!

And we did!!  Last Sunday some of the ladies from our Lessons From Mama (Atkinson Designs) BOM class stepped up with their finished quilts…so very proud!  This is a terrific sampler quilt book by Terry Atkinson that really takes you right along step-by-step. 

Stay tuned for our next “quilt show”.  Dale and her round robin group…details coming soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring, bunnies, lady bugs, red barns….

Well spring has truly arrived at the shop with fabric lines from Moda, Clothworks, Benartex and Wilmington just to name a few.  So if this winter seems to be lingering way too long stop in and take a deep breath!

Verna  Cottage Garden

Recently I have become totally obsessed with a line of patterns by Briarwood Cottage….these are the “pocket” patterns.  I’ve shown you February, March and parts of April.  Well here is my cute bunny…complete with tail (so it no longer looks like a pig with ears)!!

April Pocket

Okay, so it has no eyes yet…I’m working on it!

Now what follows April but May and here is my rendition…sweet.

May Pocket

Last (no this isn’t the final pattern but what I’m currently up to) but not least is June.  Today I’ll share my fabrics with you and try to remember to photo the finished piece tomorrow…it has something to do with lady bugs or are those red barns??

June Pocket fabrics

July is on the way…hey at this rate the year will be over in a few weeks!!  Time flies when you’re having fun and I’m really having fun with these patterns!!

Until next time……be well