Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It was on my to do list…really!

At the beginning of 2010 I started a monthly quarterly to do list instead of making those new year resolutions that I never seem to remember.  Some really exciting things on my list:

  • thin out cookbooks (like I really use them)
  • clean out under the kitchen sink (does Murphy’s Oil Soap go bad…it has a Bradlees sticker on it)
  • strip wallpaper in kitchen and paint
  • make new curtains for the kitchen
  • clean out my clothes closet…way too many sweaters which are not conducive to hot flashes!
  • organize quilt closet…and quilt piles…and more quilt piles

Apparently I was sitting in the kitchen when I started this list…anyway, last week when I was asked “So how many quilts have you made?” I decided it was time to skip right to “organize quilt closet” and at least I would have an idea of how many I still have!

So I took everything out of the closet (did I mention it’s a rather large closet) as well as all those various piles…in the bedroom…sewing room…and separated them:

  • top quilted and bound
  • top quilted not bound
  • top only

Next step, since I have this terrific new clothesline, I began to hang the quilted and bound ones out 3 at a time, took a picture, hauled them back in and organized them further:

  • ones for that “just right” special gift
  • ones I really use
  • ones I can’t possibly part with…ever
  • ones perfect for our QFC program
  • ones that need to be washed

Two hours later…I was tired…and not finished!!  So now I have a mostly organized quilt life, but I haven’t counted yet…that will come later, much later :)

Here is just the tip of my iceberg……………

IMG_1827 IMG_1831 IMG_1835 IMG_1839IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1851 IMG_1854 IMG_1858 IMG_1862 IMG_1866 IMG_1871 IMG_1875

How goes your iceberg??