Friday, June 24, 2011

How appropriate…

This is going to be a “quick” post as I’m off for a “quick trip” to visit my mother.  Today’s finish up Friday just happens to be Quilt in a Day’s Quick Trip!!  This sweet baby quilt has been done for years without a binding.  Recently a customer was in (Hi Shannon) and we were discussing baby quilts and fusions (by Kaufman) and all of a sudden this quilt came back to me…hmmm what had I done with it!  So I dug it out, made the binding, slapped it on and finished it up!


My brother Bob and s-i-l Cathy are going to be grandparents for the first time in September.  The baby will need something soft when he/she visits so this will go live at their house…now that it’s done!!

So what did you finish this week??

Friday, June 17, 2011

It’s Friday so soon!

With Finish up Friday…the weeks are going by way too fast!  But I’m getting things done and of course starting new projects just as fast it seems.  So the vote on last weeks quilt is no border…hooray!  Now on to this weeks finish.  You might recall the Long Lines quilt I finished a few weeks ago.  It was the one I had color issues with…well, I used the same pattern and much more vivid colors to make the placemat option

Long Lines placemats

which I just love (perfect size).  Today I finished the last of the bindings…there are four placemats, but two are already at the shop.  These two are ready for dinner tonight.  The print, which you really can’t see in this picture, is peppers…orange/red, green and yellow peppers.  I can see me making many more of these.  So, want did you sew this week?

close up view

Friday, June 10, 2011

It’s no wonder…

…that my quilts have a touch of “cat” in them.  There I was, working feverishly on my “finish up Friday” project, when I turn to press and what do I spy

It's all about comfort!

one of my friends in a basket which is on top of another basket (apparently I thought height might discourage this) both filled with scrappy strips.  Perhaps she thought she was helping “press” those strips for me…oh well.

On to Friday.  Earlier this week I was trying to decide on today’s project…I have MANY to choose from don’t ya know…and this one was nagging at me.  I started it back in March for Aprils Saturday Scrap Club.  I couldn’t be at Aprils meeting so this was a teaser of what was to come in May.

what's wrong with this block?

So in May I brought this in

in progress

and there it sat.  I worked on all sorts of other things…you’ve seen some, but I just couldn’t finish those last three blocks (I was going to do six more but let’s just call it done).  Mind you I had all the pieces pieces and parts parts ready to go.  So finally today I finished the top!!  Just in time for Saturday Scrap Club tomorrow…yeh I’m milking this one as long as I can!


This is Bouillabaisse!  I don’t think I want a border on this one…unless…………

So, do you like it?  What did you move along this week??

Friday, June 3, 2011

Instant Gratification

This week for my Finish it up Friday project I went for easy, fun, sweet and “too stinking cute”.  We got some really adorable fabric from Henry Glass Fabrics called Baby and Me in recently.  Included was a panel with 15 different animal “moms” and babies…what to do??  Well one of our all time favorite books at the shop came to mind.


This book is terrific for making fast quilts with a few simple cuts…love, love, love this book!  I had so many choices…which one to do?  I finally decided on Double Attic Windows and with half square triangles in the corners this went together in no time.

Double Attic Windows

There’s a new baby coming in our family this fall maybe he/she might get lucky…if I can part with it!  I still have six blocks that I could make into a wall hanging…hmmm.


Well my friends I hope this finds you and your family safe after our crazy weather here on Wednesday.

Until next time…be well.