Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lady Bugs, Red Barns and a Public Service Announcement


Lady Bugs or red barns…you be the judge!

I say lady bugs! 

Apparently I have something against putting eyes on faces!  I say they have their heads turned (being shy lady bugs) so you can’t see them…and I’m sticking to it!

Now on to the Public Service Announcement…there I was yesterday minding my own business sewing away when I used up my last filled bobbin.  Since I had already said (to myself) that once that one ran out I would take a moment to clean my machine.  So I took out my trusty screw driver and proceeded to take off the plate…ick…

Did some small animal nest in here?

Well I guess it’s been awhile (Marita will enjoy this)!


Now it’s all clean…until the next time!  So take a moment today and check under your plate!!



Until next time…be well!



stonyhillquilts said...

I think I had better take a look at my machine before I make any comment about lint in your machine. It just shows how much you use your machine!

nj said...

They still look like barns to me :)
It is amazing what collects under that plate on your sewing maching.