Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Pops are here!!

Not the Boston Pops, though that would be rather cool…the new Bali Pops have finally arrived and the new “flavors” are really, well, yummy. So there I was yesterday, minding my own business when this rather large box appeared at our back door delivered by UPS Santa and his helper elf (yes, they have helpers this time of year). Now if I’d thought fast enough I would have taken my camera out and snapped a photo, but I was too excited and ripped right into that big box which contain 12 smaller boxes…which I ripped into as well…what a mess, but a colorful mess. Okay, so then I spy yet another box…this one is from Timeless Treasures. I had a feeling I knew what was in that box too so of course I ripped into it!! More batik strips!! Tonga Treats in six fabulous color groups…happiness is!

When I get to the shop today I promise to snap a picture of the rather pretty (if I do say so) display and post it here for you, unless of course you beat me there first and see it for yourself.

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