Friday, August 12, 2011

It’s still Friday…right?

Well I was really torn today because there were two things I really wanted to finish.  So which would I do first…the one I should do or the one I wanted to do.  Now don’t get me wrong the “should do” I really wanted to finish, but the “want to” kept creeping in and pushing the “should do” aside.  So I did a bit of both and finished the “should do” before I let myself settle in and finish the “want to”.  Have I got you completely confused yet?
Let me start by saying my favorite season is Autumn and my favorite colors are…you guessed it autumn colors…reds, oranges, greens, golds and browns.  So when all these fabrics start arriving at the shop I’m like a kid hyped up on too much candy.  What will I do?  Which fabrics to choose first?  Will I do a project from a book or a pattern?  A new pattern or an old favorite pattern?  I think you get the picture.  Now last weeks project was the quilt-as-you-go placemats (in fall fabrics) from the book Fast & Furious Holiday.  They were so much fun to do I had to do another one from the same book…take a look.
It’s a table runner with pumpkins…it was also a learning experience.  Best to READ the instructions and not simply LOOK at the pictures and think you know what to do.  I LOOKED at the first picture and I SAW the four background squares on the pumpkin rectangles and thought “Oh yeah, sew corner to corner on the square, trim and flip it out.”  WRONG!!!  This will not give you the nice rounded edges for the pumpkins…good thing I have plenty or fabric!!  Everything goes together much easier once you read all the instructions before taking your rotary cutter in hand…I’m just saying.
So that was my “should do” (that I really did want to do).  So what was my “want to” that kept getting in the way??

I love mysteries but they have to grab my attention right away…this one did…good book!  So now I must get the next one in this series and I think my next project will have this fabric as the main print…

Hoffman halloween
Cute Halloween print....any ideas what I have in mind?!


Barbara said...

Love your pumpkins. Bought everything to make one next week. Any other tips ?

Gail Hurley said...

I NEED this book! Is it in the shop yet? If you love mysteries, you need to read "The Snowman"== awesome.

as for the Halloween print? Another table runner? Pillowcases for you and your husband?

Judy said...

I love fall and all the fall colors too! The pumpkin table runner looks great. I've selected fabric for the placemats you finished last week....looks like I am just going to have to do the pumpkin table runner too. How about an apron out of the fabric?

Southampton Quilts said...

Barbara...definately want to use a walking foot and turn the pressure down on your foot. Mark the center line as noted in the pattern and don't forget to READ the instructions first! :)

Southampton Quilts said...

Gail - I have the book waiting here just for you!!
The Snowman...I think I'll check that out, thanks.

Southampton Quilts said...

Now you all have great ideas for the fun Halloween print...not a tablerunner, or pillowcases, the apron is a good idea but not what I have in mind. Now I just have to sit and get it Friday!

Barbara said...

Valances ? !