Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime quilt block challenge…part 1

I sent out an email not too long ago showing this summers quilt block challenge.  Since summer officially began yesterday I should have two blocks done and I DO!  Of course the summer is still young and anything can happen.  I’ve decided to keep you updated on my progress here rather than continually send emails.  If you’d like to check in on how I’m doing visit back from time to time and please let me know how you’re doing as well.

I decided to make my blocks using the 1 1/2” finished Half Square Triangle paper (same folks that make the paper we are using for the HST exchange).  So for those that need visuals I’ve taken my block in steps for you.


I’m using three fabrics per block:  background, fabric A and fabric B (each block will be different).  You will need 4 Half Square Triangles each of background/fabric a, background/fabric b and fabric a/fabric b.  You will also need 4 squares of background fabric…in my case 2”.  So I took the HST paper and cut it into segments each will give me the 4 I need.


Following the instructions I stitched on the dashed lines and cut apart on the solid lines. 


So now I have all my pieces and parts for one block.


Here’s my finished block…start to finish about 40 minutes.

Until next time…happy summer!


Karen said...

Lovely block! Now I think I need to make a few myself :-)

Gail Hurley said...

Beautiful Nancy! I have taken a much simpler approach. I will be making Angela's Arrow's block, using my Christmas scraps. As soon as I figure out how to post a picture, I will do that.