Monday, July 16, 2012

My summertime challenge blocks….

almost up to date!!  According to my calendar I should have 26 blocks done as of today.  I have 21 done and 5 almost completed…so I figure by midnight tonight they will be done.  It’s funny though each day that I thought I was caught up and would take a picture to share…poof it was another day and there I was one behind.  So last week I was going to be so smart and get ahead by 4 days and…poof I was behind by 3 days.  So, before it’s tomorrow and I’m behind again here is a shot of the finished blocks on the wall:


And now a shot of the 5 “almost done” blocks attached to my machine next to the bowl that is my inspiration for the block colors!


I just love this little bowl that Beth gave me…I didn’t want to put anything in it because then you wouldn’t see the pretty design.  I couldn’t just leave it out on the table unprotected from cat paws!!  So I have it under the acrylic extension table where I can admire it…and pick out just the right colors for my blocks!!

By August 31 I should have 73 blocks…I better get going!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer and having fun with blocks…


Gail Hurley said...

Love the blocks and love the bowl! I'm not up to date with mine, but not so far behind that I can't catch up.

Southampton Life and Me said...

Looks great!