Monday, June 3, 2013

I’m fine and you?

Okay, I promise not to mention all the rain, heat, crazy weather we’ve had in the past week (beyond this sentence) if you don’t mention how long it’s been since I posted something here…alright, enough said! 

Last year we hosted a Half Square Triangle (HST) exchange where participants either signed on for 6 months or the whole year.  They brought in the required HST and I “shuffled” them up and returned them each month.   Then I gave them until June 1, 2013 to complete (relative word) something using these HST.  Now keep in mind they had anywhere from 504 to 1008 HST!!  Also I didn’t say they had to use them all or put them into just one project.  Well, on Saturday we got to see what some of these creative ladies came up with! 

HST exchange

These are just a few…if you go to our website and check out the Inspiration page you can see much more.

After the showing was all said and done a group of us were sitting around trying to come up with another exchange.  So this is our idea…keep in mind we’re trying to keep it simple.  We are going to do a four patch exchange.  Since we’ve done a nine patch on several occasions before we didn’t want to do that again and we didn’t want to make it something that would take a lot of time (like so many blocks we love) to complete each month.  So, the final quantity and all the other “rules” haven’t been determined yet but if you’re interested in finding out more just drop me a note ( and I’ll let you know more when we know more!  I’m hoping to start it in July so it can run through to the end of the year…let me know your thoughts!!

Well, I’m glad to be back in your computer and I’ll be back soon  :)

Take care….Nancy

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Howdy said...

I do love the pictures of the HST swap quilts... I would be interested in hearing about the 4 patch swap when you work out the details!