Friday, January 24, 2014

Two for one...

As promised I said I would let you in on a few of my loves this year. So to begin I thought I'd share a two'fer. The first is a new budding love...tea!  Let me clarify this, I'm a coffe drinker.  It got me through college...along with peanut butter and Kraft Mac & Cheese!!  Love my first cup in the morning. Love even some of the flavored coffees, but something unexpected happened last year. Typically I could drink a cup of coffee and go to sleep without any problem...until last year!  What's up with that?  Oh yeah, I'm over 50 and sh&@ happens. So I thought I'd give caffeine free tea a try because decaf coffee is an oxymoron in my book.  Well, I've learned that I don't love "regular" tea.  Don't get me wrong, it's okay but no love there. Then some others were recommended and I gave them a try.
I can now say I love the Bengal Spice tea and I'm enjoying this whole tea experience without the caffeine.  So if you're looking for something hot, but still want to get to sleep before 2:00am try some of these or let me know which teas you love!
Now for love #2......
I love finding a new pattern...having the fabrics just come together and then starting that new project!

This is just one example. I usually have many projects going at the same time...because I love to start new ones :). And yes I do finish them, but starting them is my favorite part. Anyone who knows me and quilting knows I really don't like to add borders. No particular reason, though I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a field day trying to figure out why. When they're done I'm happy, but not as happy as when I start the next one!!
So there you have it two of my loves for 2014.  


Howdy said...

Yes... Tea! We usually make coffee on the weekends now and drink tea thru the week. We learned that different types of tea need to be brewed at different temps so we purchased a Cuisinart Electric Kettle that we can set for the different tea water temps. Once the water is at the right temp I brew my tea in the stainless steel tumbler I got at Tevana. I especially love Chai teas... love the spices. We drink a lot of Oolong teas and at night a Chamomile herb tea helps with sleeping.
I love new projects and find that the fabric selection part is the most satisfying part for me... which was why I loved working at the shop helping others pick out fabrics for their projects!

KASEYSMOM65 said...

As most of my friends, family and co-workers know, I take my coffee via IV. However, last year a sweet friend gifted me with a mug mat, mug and some tea. I was hooked. Although I haven't ventured into the much touted Teavana store yet, I am enjoying the grocery store teas in the evening. Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger, Lemon Zinger and my favorite - Mandarin Orange Spice.

As for quilting....I love cutting into a fresh pile of fabrics and I love hand sewing that binding because it's done! Borders and backings....not my favorites. :-(

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats purchasing beautiful new fabric and the latest pattern. Before long other projects have been set aside and never finished...especially if all it needs is borders. I have a few of those and maybe this week I will tackle some while enjoying a cup of tea.