Friday, February 26, 2010

If you sew it it will come!

I figure if I keep sewing projects for the warmer's bound to happen! Right? So I've been working my way towards summer with some very cute patterns from Briarwood Cottage. You saw the first earlier this month (Valentine runner). For March this fun pinwheel quilt with yo-yo centers! Which brings up something I've learned about myself....yes, I admit it I'm yo-yo challenged. No matter what I could not get my yo-yo to look quite right. But after much persuasion (grrrrr) I have applied them to the quilt and moved on!!
The April project is a pink bunny (or a cute pig with long ears if you don't have the cotton tail on yet!) sitting between two easter baskets. Where is the photo you ask...apparently I forgot to take that picture, but I'll do my best tomorrow.
So think spring or sunshine even!!
be well,

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KASEYSMOM65 said...

Yo yo....shmo yo. I'm sewing some colorful buttons on my pinwheels and getting on with my life. And you're right! The funny bunny did look like a little lop-earred pig.