Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mother Nature

I love my Christmas wreaths...I love them so much I
leave them up well into the new year. But I figure the "red"
bow is good for Valentines Day and the "green" wreath
is good for St. Patricks Day right?!

Then driving home the other day I spotted other things
on front doors and thought maybe it was time to take
them down....but no I just couldn't do it.

Well Mother Nature took it upon herself to tell me



stonyhillquilts said...

At least it was still green. Some people wait until they turn brown...and some never take them down! I'm ready for spring but it might be a little too soon for a spring wreath.

Gail said...

Mother Nature has a way of taking care of a lot of things. Some good, some not so much :)

KASEYSMOM65 said...

My husband says I have become the "Christmas Decoration Police". I hound him to take ours down "after the wise men have arrived", and I walk through the neighborhood or drive along in the car pointing out all the houses that deserve a "ticket and fine!!". It's a double offense if you hang Valentine's decorations on a porch that still has a wreath on the front door. Nancy...good thing Mother Nature helped you out before I drove by!!!!