Sunday, January 3, 2010

Something new!

I've been carrying a pattern around...back and forth to the shop for months waiting for just the right fabric. I would take it out at least once a week to see if I could find them...nope!

Then finally these from the collection L'Amour arrived and I knew I had found my match!

So what did I make? Stop by the shop and I'll show you...or wait until next time!

be well,



KASEYSMOM65 said...

I think I spied it last night at the shop....hurry and post the picture so everyone can see those pretty hearts!!

stonyhillquilts said...

I did see it and it is quite pretty. The quilt Nancy just made in one of the new lines of fabric is beautiful too. I found it hidden under Maureen's quilt on the Grace machine.

Southampton Quilts said...

OK I'll show the "hidden" quilt next time...FIRE ESCAPE was fun to make with those prints you really want to show off...thanks Judy!