Friday, May 20, 2011

Finish it up Friday....continues

So far so good...this makes three weeks that I've actually finished something (sort of)...what a great feeling!  This week my project changed...many, many times.
First I started with this one, nice and small.

But then I thought about this one, scrappy and larger.
Then on Thursday I decided to "really" finish this one since I needed to brighten up the day week from all this rain.

So onto grace it went and before long it was done!!

So now the binding is on and only needs to be hand sewn...which I'll get done this weekend...hopefully!
Pattern is "No Trick Card Trick" by Jean Boyd.
So what did you finish up this week??

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Judy said...

It's not quite finished, but the blocks to my granddaugher's quilt are sewn together and so is the border. Now to sew the border to the center....perhaps by Friday!!