Friday, May 27, 2011

What did you finish this week?

Well my “Finish it up Friday” project almost didn’t make it to this post because I didn’t like the end result.  But then I thought hey, it’s a lesson in color choice…maybe…yah, that’s it!  So here is my “finish” for this week.



I’m sure you can tell right away what I mean by color choice.  I should have used a fabric with more contrast where you see the lavender…oh well, we all goof from time to time.  However, I loved this pattern called Long Lines from Maple Island Quilts.  It was very simple to put together so I think today I’ll pick out some more fabric and try…try…again.


Judy said...

I finished the middle of a YBR using a pretty bundle of Batik fat quarters I bought at the shop last Sunday. Tomorrow I will do the borders. It's so easy to procrastinate when it comes to borders!

KASEYSMOM65 said...

Gosh I have two of those Long Lines quilts hanging aroind....quilted and bound. You want 'em????