Friday, June 3, 2011

Instant Gratification

This week for my Finish it up Friday project I went for easy, fun, sweet and “too stinking cute”.  We got some really adorable fabric from Henry Glass Fabrics called Baby and Me in recently.  Included was a panel with 15 different animal “moms” and babies…what to do??  Well one of our all time favorite books at the shop came to mind.


This book is terrific for making fast quilts with a few simple cuts…love, love, love this book!  I had so many choices…which one to do?  I finally decided on Double Attic Windows and with half square triangles in the corners this went together in no time.

Double Attic Windows

There’s a new baby coming in our family this fall maybe he/she might get lucky…if I can part with it!  I still have six blocks that I could make into a wall hanging…hmmm.


Well my friends I hope this finds you and your family safe after our crazy weather here on Wednesday.

Until next time…be well.

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Howdy said...

That fabric is so cute! It's great to see projects getting done - you are inspiring me to get back to quilting... now if you'd just send me some energy to go with the inspiration it would help!

I hope everyone faired well during the tornado... crazy indeed!